About Aerostructures

The Aerostructures business of Mahindra Aerospace is based in India and produces sheet metal parts and assemblies for leading global Aerospace and Defence majors. The business is operated by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mahindra Aerospace – Mahindra Aerostructures Pvt. Ltd (MASPL).

The MASPL facility is a greenfield development inaugurated in 2013. It is located east of Bengaluru and commenced serial deliveries in 2015. The facility holds AS9100 Rev C & NADCAP accreditations along with approvals from several OEMs and Tier 1s. It is now delivering more than 100,000 parts and assemblies per month to customer sites in Europe, North America and Australia.

The facility is equipped with comprehensive capabilities to produce a variety of sheet metal components and assemblies, as well as for special processing of sheet metal parts up to 4 m in length. Current capabilities are focused on soft metal components, however MASPL is now adding capabilities to manufacture and surface treat components made of hard alloys (steel, titanium, inconel).

The operating team in MASPL brings decades of industry experience, honed through on-the-job training at Aernnova facilities in Europe and the Americas before the factory went live. Today, these trained persons form the nucleus of operations at MASPL, with overall headcount in excess of 350 people.