“We give you the wings. All you need to do is fly.”

Mahindra Aerospace spearheads the Mahindra Group’s foray into the utility aircraft and aerostructures manufacturing domains.


Mahindra Aerospace was formed in 2008 to spearhead the Mahindra Group’s foray into the utility aircraft and aerostructures manufacturing domains. The team began with a bold and pioneering “Make in India” initiative to develop a new utility aircraft – the C-NM5 – together with India’s National Aerospace Laboratories, in a co-development effort that is the first of its kind in India. Testament to the Mahindra Group’s “can-do” spirit, the prototype C-NM5 – designed in India – was built and flown in 2011 at the aircraft production facilities of Mahindra Aerospace in Australia.



GippsAero and Type Certificate holding entities GA8 Airvan Pty Ltd, GA200 Pty Ltd and Nomad TC Pty Ltd, are majority owned entities of Mahindra Aerospace. Type Certificate holder publications (operational information and instructions for continuing airworthiness) for the following Type certificates can be obtained from the Mahindra Aerospace website:-

  • CASA TC No. VA503 (GA8 Airvan Pty Ltd),
  • CASA TC No. VA519 (GA200 Pty Ltd), and,
  • CASA TC No. 73-1 (Nomad TC Pty Ltd)

Publications for the above aircraft types have been approved and released under the TC Holders CASA approved procedures. Only the state of design TC number has been listed above, but publications may also be valid for these aircraft types when registered in other countries, including the United States of America, EASA nations, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil and China. Always refer to the relevant Type Certificate Data Sheet to determine applicable publications and always verify the publication status before using a particular publication.

In 2009 Mahindra Aerospace also heeded an imperative to increase India’s footprint in the global aerospace supply chain. Upon acquiring an existing Australian aerospace manufacturing firm – Aerostaff Australia – in 2010, Mahindra Aerospace began developing a new, 25,000 sq. m. facility to produce airframe parts and assemblies in India. This facility, located on a National Highway near Bengaluru, enjoys excellent air and sea connectivity and is certified to stringent global aerospace industry requirements. The facility was inaugurated in October 2013 and is now delivering aerospace sheet metal parts and assemblies for global aircraft programs.