Rise to the challenge

Two Australians set out to make a safer, harder-working aircraft. One that could not only survive, but also thrive, in the unforgiving conditions of their native Outback. Introducing the technology-savvy Airvan – the safest, roomiest and most durable, versatile and economical utility aircraft in the world.

The best in its class


Compliance with the latest FAR 23 safety standards.


Tough spring-steel undercarriage, high-floatation tires, high-lift wings for short take-offs and landings and main landing gear that’s designed to be loaded without a tail stand. Get in and out of remote locations with ease.


Carry people, cargo, or both comfortably with innovative features like a 105-centimeter (41.5-inch) sliding door, quick-release seats, center aisle, panoramic bubble-shaped windows, multiple mounting stations, a unique flat floor and even an optional nearly 5.4 meter (18 foot) pod with shock-absorbent lining.


Boost your bottom line with an aircraft that costs you as little as .15 U.S. dollars per seat mile by burning less fuel. Requires less maintenance and can carry a useful load of more than 770 kilos (1,700 pounds).

Rise to the challenge

Not only is the Airvan 8’s cabin twice the size of competitors, you can quickly and easily convert the cabin to a variety of missions. Toss in panoramic windows, a huge in-flight sliding cabin door and an optional pod attachment, and the customization is yours.