Job Opening

Mahindra Aerospace offers a number of career opportunities in diverse fields, including: Managerial, Finance, Production, Engineering, Marketing, Administration and more. We give every individual equal opportunity and examine each application closely to determine the best fit for the position.

Send us your resume on and we will contact you if there is an opportunity that matches your background.

Fradulent Recruitment

It has been brought to our notice that certain persons are misleading job applicants by soliciting allegedly refundable security deposit monies towards registration/interview fees etc. for job opportunities at the Mahindra Group & Mahindra Aerospace companies. These said persons are also using our trademarks and other information relating to our executives.

Please be informed that we have not published or issued any such communications, nor have we authorized anyone else to do so. We do not and will not solicit monies from job applicants for any reason whatsoever.
We are not responsible for any claims or actions, arising out of dealings , monetary or otherwise, with the aforesaid persons. We, however, reserve our rights to initiate any proceedings or legal actions against such persons, as we may deem fit.

Example of Fradulent links:

Life at Mahindra Aerospace

Going by the true spirit of a business establishment, we at Mahindra Aerospace strive to create a positive impact both within and outside the company. Our endeavor is to create an atmosphere where people find a congenial environment to grow, along with a feeling of being valued and treasured.

We offer a culture that emphasizes care and engagement through several opportunities that include employee events, recreational activities, and community engagement.