Mission: Security & Surveillance


Smoke is hazard enough for a fire-spotter pilot. So are the cell towers that loom out of nowhere when you fly in low for a better look.

But it’s the winds that can really rock you.

A wildfire can create its own storm, complete with sudden updrafts, downdrafts, turbulence and even a swirling debris cloud. That’s where the Airvan comes in.

It’s the world’s safest, toughest, most durable, versatile, and economical utility aircraft.

Airvan have proven to be perfectly suited as an all-weather surveillance and patrol aircraft. High resolution imaging equipment can be certifiably installed within the profile of a readily demountable, RF transparent fairing that bears a close resemblance to a standard cargo pod allowing your devices to be discreetly packaged.

Fuselage – or pod-based equipment – used in high-resolution mapping, surveying and geological exploration are common installations in Airvan. These may complement other equipments such as operator consoles, workstations and hardware equipment racks which can be installed in the versatile cabin with our unique, quick change docking system.

Designed with all the latest safety standards, large cabin and flexible infrastructure, Airvan provides a safe, comfortable working environment for those long days in the air. Easy to fly, the cockpit specifically caters to single pilot operation with all controls, instrumentation, avionics and essential switches grouped for comfortable access by you, in both VFR and IFR configurations.

Climb to a higher, undetectable altitude, loiter longer and hide surveillance equipment in a .5 cubic metre (18 cubic foot) cargo pod with shock-absorbent lining.