An emerging presence in aerospace components and assemblies

Located in India, we have access to a rich base of technical expertise and competitive price structures. With the Mahindra Group’s emphasis on quality and stakeholder expectations, we have also secured approvals from the aerospace industry’s toughest standards organizations. We aspire to partner with OEMs and global Tier 1s and contribute to the most demanding aircraft programmes in the world.

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Our Facility

Built in 2013, our 25,000 sq. m. facility in Bengaluru is certified to both AS9100 REV C and NADCAP requirements. Our energetic and skilled workforce provides sheet metal, surface treatment and assembly manufacturing capabilities. It all adds up to a growing footprint in the global aerostructures supply chain.


We offer a suite of capabilities for producing sheet metal and machined components. We do CNC routing, automated deburring, stretch forming, brake presses, bladder press forming, roll forming, solutionising, annealing, ageing and cold storage. And with the ability to produce parts up to four metres in length, the sky is the limit.

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Surface Treatment

Our fully automated surface treatment line offers anodising and alodine capabilities with tank sizes of 4m x 1m x 1.2m. It is certified for tartaric sulphuric acid, boric sulphuric acid, chromic acid anodising and chemical conversion coating (alodine). And it is controlled by a SCADA system that can be pre-programmed to customer specifications. Two bays for priming and painting round out our surface finishing capabilities.


The assembly area of our facility covers close to 10,000 sq. m. (100,000 sq. ft.) and is equipped with a four-metre wide sealant application area and a dedicated tool crib. It is designed to enable production and shipping of large and equipped airframe assemblies and sub-assemblies. On-site expertise includes a skilled workforce adept in airframe assemblies of varying complexity.

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Capabilities - At a Glance

Sheet metal

3-axis CNC routers (4m x 3m and 5.5 m x 1.4m)

Automatic deburring

Farnham rolling machine (6m)

Cyril Bath (470 T), Hufford A-50 (50 T) & A-12 (29T) stretch formers

Hufford A-12 (29 T)

Hydroform (25 KT)

Brake presses (4m, and 2 x 3m)

John press (150 T)

Punch presses (60 and 40 T)

Sheet straightening (60 T) and beam straightening (200 T) presses


CMM (1.2m x 3m x 1m)

5-axis CNC machine (2.6m x 1.7m x 1.3m)

Heat Treatment

Drop bottom furnace (4m x 2m x 2m)

Ageing oven (6m x 2.5m x 2.1m)

Freezer cabinets

Surface Treatment & NDT

Chromic, boric sulphuric and tartaric sulphuric acid anodising and alodine (4m x 1.2m x 1m)

Two paint bays (4m x 1.2m x 1m booths)



10,000 m2 assembly area (including mezzanine level for minor assemblies)

Sealant application room (4m wide)

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